Tenzin Kelden,

Festival Director Zurich

"I love all kinds of movies. But seeing films or other Tibetan artworks is another story. It makes me proud. We tell stories that don't follow the usual narrative and we express ourselves primarily as creative artists, showing the world a more nuanced picture of who we are. I am happy to be part of the Tibet Film Festival."


Lobsang Reichlin,

Programm Director

"Films from Tibet by Tibetan directors fascinate me. For me as a young Tibetan exile it is a kind of window to a foreign country. It is therefore a great pleasure for me to be able to participate in this unique film festival.”


Tsering Dhondup,


"I've always enjoyed watching movies of all genres. FIlm unites the possibilities to combine different kinds of art to one big one and to reach all social classes with one piece of work."


Tenzin Dhondup,

Festival Director Dharamsala

"I think art brings people together. Tibet Film Festival is a unique platform that supports Tibetan filmmakers. I hope that many young Tibetans will use this platform and continue to experiment with filmmaking."


Jyotsna George,

Festival Coordinator Dharamshala

"I am incredibly inspired by the Tibetan cinema of the present. Being part of the Tibet Film Festival allows me to experience the exchange between Tibetans in Tibet and in exile and bring it to film lovers in the small town of Dharamsala.“


Jigme Risur,

Chief Editor Program Brochure

"When I started volunteering for the Tibet Film Festival I experienced work for Tibet outside of Buddhism and human rights."