12-Minute-Film Competition

The TFF short film competition is all about your creativity!  Whether as a newcomer or already as a professional, we welcome your contribution to the film competition.

General eligibility requirements:

  • You have Tibetan roots, at least one parent or grandparent is Tibetan.

  • You are between 10 and 100 years young.

  • The film is a maximum of 12 minutes long.

  • „you“ means: individual or group comprised of several people, in the group one person (the person with Tibetan roots) must have played an authoritative role in directing or with the camera work.

  • You can only be involved in one film entered into the competition.

  • You do not infringe any copyright (see below).

  • You must enter the film for the competition until 7 September 2018.

  • The film needs to be in English or has to have English subtitles.

  • The film must have been made after 31 August 2017.


No copyright may be infringed, meaning that no music or film material from a third person can be used if the rights to use it have not been granted (e.g. using clips from Hollywood films or music by Lady Gaga etc.). By submitting a competition entry or by participating in the competition, you are granting the organisers of the festival (Filming for Tibet) the right to show the film at the festival, place the entire film or in part on the website of the organisers of the festival and to use the film in its entirety or in part for advertising purposes, to integrate the film into DVD documentation of the festival and to make the film available to third parties.Mauris id fermentum nulla. Suspendisse nec congue purus. Suspendisse nec congue purus. Mauris id fermentum nulla. Donec ac fringilla turpis. Nulla lectus ante, consequat et ex eget, feugiat tincidunt metus. Suspendisse nec congue purus.

Film Format

There are no format guidelines. Any form of image capture technique can be used. Even cartoons and mobile phone recordings are allowed. There are no guidelines on artistic form.

In the case that the competition submissions show major qualitative differences, the festival management reserves the right to introduce categories.


The film should be submitted digitally, i.e. through uploading onto our server. To the competition participants who are interested in this method of submission, please contact: shortfilms@tibetfilmfestival.org. Filming for Tibet will supply the necessary information and offer support with the uploading.The registration form should be scanned and sent to: shortfilms@tibetfilmfestival.org

The competition participants will be informed by email whether their film has been selected.