Yak Prices

Yak Prices



The Yak Price was awarded for the first time in 2014. The prize was designed and sponsored by Thubten Purang, a Tibetan artist living in Switzerland.

Yak Price Money : 1000 USD

In addition, the audience in Zurich and Dharamsala will decide who will receive the respective audience award.


The jury is newly formed every year and consists of filmmakers and people interested in film from various fields. Among them were Aya Domenig, Markus Fischer, Alice Grünfelder and Yangzom Brauen.

Award winners 2018

Winner Jury Award: «Tales from the Pasture» and «Jangthang»
Winner Audience Award Zurich: «Tales from the Pasture» and «What does it mean to be Tibetan»
Winner Audience Award Dharamsala: «Tales from the Pasture» 

Award winners 2017

1st Jury Prize: «Last Note» von Shavo Dorjee, India
2nd Jury Prize: «Milam» von  Namgyal Jorden, USA
3rd Jury Prize: «Life is a cup of tea» von Kunga Rinchen, India

Audience Award Zurich: «Missing Potala» von Jigme Choedrak, India
Audience Award Dharamsala: «Last Note» von  Shavo Dorjee, India

Award winners 2016

1st Jury Prize: «The Half Bread» by Kunga Rinchen, India
2nd Jury Prize: «Sipen» by Tenzin Palden Dhondup, Netherlands
3rd Jury Prize: «The Sweet Hunger» by Tenzin Choedon, India

Audience Award Zurich: «The Sweet Hunger» by Tenzin Choedon, India
Audience Award Dharamsala: «Momo» by Tenphel, India